Environmental Policy


Rose-in-Vale is continually working towards reducing our impact on this beautiful landscape we exist in and are committed to the following improvements:

  • To continually strive to achieve good environmental working practices throughout our establishment
  • To ensure all employees receive information, advice and training relevant to our environmental goal
  • To adhere to relevant laws and legislation
  • To compose an annual Environmental Plan clearly laying out our goals and aims to improve our practices
  • To minimise the amount of waste we produce and find more suitable ways of dealing with it
  • To not only recycle wherever practical, but to research the products we use and look in to greener alternatives
  • To minimise the amount of energy and water we use by spreading environmental awareness to our staff and guests
  • To ensure that all chemicals used are environmentally sound
  • To continue to champion local produce. This in turn reduces our carbon footprint and helps the local economy
  • To involve our suppliers, guests and staff in our mission to be greener

Please help us in our aims:

  • If you decide to place your towels in the bathtub, we will replace them
  • If you choose to leave them on the towel rails, we will assume you intend to reuse them
  • When departing from your room, please remember to switch off all lights and the television

Thank you for your co-operation

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