Love at Rose in Vale

Whilst demolishing a house in Penzance a few years ago some workmen came across a bundle of letters in a cob wall. These were written by a young lady living at Rose-in-Vale and were sent to her fiancée who lived in Penzance. They are dated 1881. The sending address in each case is Rose-in-Vale St. Agnes, Mithian, Scorrier.

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Rose in Vale,
St. Agnes,
November 30th 1881

My own Herbert,

Your letter made me very glad, as it gave me the good news that your cold is better, do my dear be careful, and not get it again. I shall be so glad to see you on Monday week, if you can come away, though I am trying to bear your absence bravely, but it is very hard work, you see you are so thoroughly part of my life, that when you are away I feel all at sea, and hardly able to settle to anything, am I foolish think you?

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you about another present I have had, it is just lovely, it is a silver fish slice and fork, one of the handsomest I've ever seen, Mrs William Lord sent it us. I am sure you will like it, everyone thinks it splendid. The servants have given me a cut glass cream glass and jug, very pretty, and Charlie has sent me an Indian white silk shawl to wear on the day. Aunt (Madame Hessenhut) has sent a pair of vases set in silver, lovely all ferns. Cousin Jim and his wife Hetty have sent a pale blue Indian shawl, and a - white Persian one, just grand they are. L and E have ordered a splendid tea and coffee service, and Flo has given us a silver preserve fork, all of these presents have come during the last week, and I expect more yet, shan't we be well off for pretty things? I mean to be quite myself again by the end of the month and will be able to go for a drive with you when next you come, shall you be glad? You do not know how much I look forward to going to Penzance with you.

I am always proud to go out with you, and especially in Penzance, what jolly walks we will have again. I think Richard should play 'the Wedding March" at the Recital (I'm only in fun darling). Gracie is staying here for a day or two, as she has been far from well, I am doing all you wish just as if my darling were here, or rather more so, for I obey you much better (for) when you are away than when you are here, as I like to think I am pleasing you. I have worn no long gowns since you have been away, and mean to be very careful when I go for a drive.

All send love, and so do I, lots and lots. Now my own darling,

Believe me dearie as ever

Yours Lottie


The happy couple were eventually married and their wedding is entered in the Parish Register. It was reported in the Royal Cornwall Gazette that a grand wedding took place at Mithian Church on the 10th January 1882 between Miss Charlotte Frewin Lord of Rosinvale and Mr. John Herbert White of Penzance. The bride's father was Charles Frewin Lord (deceased) and her uncle was the Rev. Alfred Lord (deceased) who founded and built St. Peter's Church. The groom, an organist and composer, was the son of Richard White, Professor of Music.Mr. Cooper Furniss of Truro made the wedding cake and Messrs. Henry Andrews and Co. of Truro supplied the dresses for the bride and bridesmaids.

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