Love at Rose in Vale

Whilst demolishing a house in Penzance a few years ago some workmen came across a bundle of letters in a cob wall. These were written by a young lady living at Rose-in-Vale and were sent to her fiancée who lived in Penzance. They are dated 1881. The sending address in each case is Rose-in-Vale St. Agnes, Mithian, Scorrier.

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Rose in Vale,
St. Agnes,
November 13th 1881

My dearest Herbert,

I have just read your letter, for which I thank you dear, and am glad you had such nice services yesterday.

With regard to the other matter of which you write, you know I have given you the choice of two things, one of which you must abide by, as I no longer care to lay myself open to unjust suspicions. If you decide that you do not care to come and live here by the time we mentioned, I must then ask you not to come up on Thursday or again, as I am not strong enough to bear an argument on a subject, which can only end one way or the other, though I dare not think what it would be to me if you decide not to come, but if you think you would not be happy with me, why then my own dear Herbert, I love you too well to wish you to come. As to our being able to get on, Miss Lord and myself have told you all we can on the subject. Write soon and tell me your final answer, by return if possible, as the continued anxiety is telling on me very much. I am very grateful to Harry for standing up for me, tell him so please from me.

I cannot write more dear, as I am very tired. I am doing all you told me to do - I shall pray that your decision may be that which will enable me to see you again on Thursday. God help me if it is the other way. Now my dearest my Herbie I must say goodbye,

From your loving Lottie


The happy couple were eventually married and their wedding is entered in the Parish Register. It was reported in the Royal Cornwall Gazette that a grand wedding took place at Mithian Church on the 10th January 1882 between Miss Charlotte Frewin Lord of Rosinvale and Mr. John Herbert White of Penzance. The bride's father was Charles Frewin Lord (deceased) and her uncle was the Rev. Alfred Lord (deceased) who founded and built St. Peter's Church. The groom, an organist and composer, was the son of Richard White, Professor of Music.Mr. Cooper Furniss of Truro made the wedding cake and Messrs. Henry Andrews and Co. of Truro supplied the dresses for the bride and bridesmaids.

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